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Here at Virtuous Dance Center, our main goal is to inspire our students. Inspire them to express themselves using dance. Inspire them to achieve the virtue of excellence! Read More
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Ballet is a prominent form of dance that teaches balance



Perfect blend of classical and acrobatic



Trying to find tap dance classes near your home?


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Musical Theatre (Ages 10+): Come sing, dance and act with us in this class


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Karime Echevarria
Artistic Director

Karime Echevarria is the co-founder and artistic director of Virtuous Dance Center. Karime is an alumni of the Compania....

Allie Lane
Company Dance Director, Modern and Jazz Instructor

Ms. Allie Lane is the Virtuous Dance Center Company Dance Director.Allie Lane was born and raised in...

Jr Echevarria
Executive Director

Meet Jr Echevarria, the co-founder and Executive Director of Virtuous Dance Center. His role involves overseeing the administration, programs,

Blayne Stine
Ballet Director, Acro, Hip-hop Instructor

Blayne grew up in Fredericksburg, Va. and has been dancing since.

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Personalized instruction geared towards expanding their virtue
For Ages 1 And Up

Achieving the virtue of excellence through dance Small class sizes and greater personal attention for each student, helps set us apart from the run of the mill dance center studio.


If your toddler is constantly bopping their head along to music, or even coming up with a few original twists and turn moves, you may have wondered, “do any children’s dance classes near me offer programs for toddlers?” The answer is yes, many dance schools offer special dance classes for even the youngest dancers. These classes are mostly focused on fun, but your child will begin to build a foundation of skills.

First and probably most obvious, enrolling your child in dance will be a huge boost to their physical fitness and strength. Keeping their child active and fit is important for any parent, and dance is a fun way to achieve that. Beyond that, children will be given the opportunity to socialize in a positive environment, build character traits like persistence, and also develop the ability to express them artistically.

When you ask a friend or family member, “Do you know of any great children’s dance classes near me?” they may describe a studio they attend or have heard of, telling you about features like the enthusiastic and experienced teachers, safe environment, and friendly atmosphere. These are all important things to look for in a children’s dance studio, so keep them in mind.

One of the best things about enrolling your child in dance is the opportunity you are giving them to discover a new hobby that will change their life. Give them the opportunity to try lots of different types of dance, because odds are, there will be one type (or more!) that will just click.