3 Benefits to Enrolling Your Child in Virtuous Dance Center

3 Benefits to Enrolling Your Child in Virtuous Dance Center

Dance is a universal language with the ability to bring together people from all walks of life. Here at Virtuous Dance Center in Fredericksburg, we know it’s so much more. Children, in particular, can benefit a great deal from our dance center studio, here are just three ways.

1. Nurture Friendships that can last a Lifetime

Dance is as much of a team event as traditional sports areas each child works together, trusting their partner will be where they need to be. This teamwork naturally builds friendships as the children learn to support and encourage one another to strive for the virtue of excellence. These relationships can grow and follow your child throughout their life’s journey.

2. Develop a Healthy Self Confidence

Growing up is awkward and confusing as young children’s bodies develop rapidly. This can cause them to have less than a positive body image which can reduce their self-confidence.

Yet, when they learn to control their body through dance, they are better equipped to embrace these new changes while learning to love themselves. With dance, everybody is beautiful and this knowledge builds confidence. Having support and encouragement from fellow students working towards the same goal can take that confidence to a whole new level.

3. Promotes Fitness and Wellbeing

At our dance center studio, we work hard to teach our students the importance of a healthy lifestyle through exercise, healthy food, and plenty of fresh water. Dance itself is a well-rounded workout, providing:

  • Strength Building
  • Flexibility Training
  • Cardio
  • Healthy Weight Management

As your child learns each new dance move, they develop healthy fitness habits that will carry them through the rest of their lives.

Something for Everyone

Here at Virtuous Dance Center, we have the perfect class for everyone. Children as young as two years old are welcome to join us in one of our many dance style options, including:

  • Acro
  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Hip-Hop
  • Hula Hoop
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Modern
  • Tap
  • Zumba
  • And more!

Our extensive options allow your child to discover the best style to fit their unique and wonderful self. We even have family dance classes, perfect for getting the family together to learn a new skill, develop a healthier lifestyle, and bond over shared experiences.

To learn how to register your child for our summer or fall classes, please contact the dedicated team at Virtuous Dance Center today!

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