4 Ways Dance Studios Implement Health Guidelines During The Pandemic 

Numerous personal and professional activities had been paused since the COVID-19 outbreak, including the temporary closure of many dance studios and gyms, forcing dancers to practice at home without adequate room or equipment. On returning to our dance Studio at Fredericksburg VA, dancers followed infection prevention rules to protect themselves and others throughout their dance lessons. 

We had to alter our former studio guidelines to adhere to health rules throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these include social distancing, hand sanitization, avoiding exposing your face, and regular temperature checks. 

Important health guidelines dance studios should follow during the pandemic 
Maintaining Social Distance

Initially, studios are likely to limit the number of dancers on stage at any given time. Prepare to attend class or practice in smaller groups. Keep a distance of ten feet between yourself and other dancers, rather than the usual six. We constantly advise dancers and their families to adhere to stringent social distance requirements when entering the studio and in public areas. 

If possible, people should keep a distance of roughly six feet between them whenever they are close to one another.

Wearing Masks

At the Virtual Dance Center, dancers can remove their mask while undertaking dance lessons. However, when needed to get close to people, such as instructors, wearing a face mask is mandatory. We also advise our dancers and instructors to replace their mask with a clean one if it becomes damp due to sweat or hard breathing.

Sanitizing Hands

It’s essential to properly sanitize your hands before going to the dance studio and even more crucial to sanitize when you’re leaving the place. At the Virtual Dance Center, dancers are advised to carry their personal hand sanitizer even though we provide them with the same. 

Frequent Temperature Checks

A staff member checks your temperature using a no-touch thermometer on entering the dance studio at Fredericksburg VA. Our staff does regular checks and ensures dancers aren’t facing any symptoms. Only if your temperature is average will you be allowed to enter the studio. You must stay home and quarantine if you feel any COVID-19 symptoms. 

Final Verdict 

These are just a few improvements that we have implemented to comply with health regulations and keep our dancers safe. Coronavirus having affected millions of people worldwide, the safety of our staff and dancers is vital; we simply cannot risk it. The Virtual Dance Studio ensures dancers and staff are wearing masks, maintaining social distance and taking precautions to stay safe.  

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