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Time to dance
Modern Dance and where it is today?
Modern Dance, which originated in the early twentieth century, emphasizes a dancer's interpretations rather than disciplined moves

How to differentiate between Acro & Gymnastics?

Spotting the differences between gymnastics and Acro is difficult sometimes and a common confusion among many.

4 Ways Ballet Can Boost Your Fitness Levels in 2022

New Year's Eve is fast approaching, this means it is time for new year's resolutions! Do you want to get fitter but don't like going to the gym?

The Benefits Possible with doing Acro Dance
Acro Dance or what is also more commonly known as Acrobatics dance or gymnastics dance

A list of Ballet Terms You Must Know to Excel in Your Ballet Class
Ballet is a highly respected, highly professional dance form that has its root in the Italian Renaissance.

What are the 06 things to keep in mind and at hand before you go for your first dancing class?
When you first decide on a dancing class, it is important to understand the goals and needs behind that decision.

3 Contemporary Dance Tips Proven To Assist Beginners in 2021
Contemporary Dance is a unique form of art that’s loved and looked up to by numerous cultures and dancers.

3 Ways Science-based Evidence Supports Ballet Dancers
Ballet, a unique dance style, involves a high fitness level alongside perfect coordination.

How can you get your recreational adolescent dancers to try Acro?
Dance is constantly changing as various forms meet to create new masterpieces.

Top 10 Benefits Of Joining A Competitive Dance Team in 2021

Dancing, to some, it's a rhythmic movement, while to others, it's a well-coordinated art form that requires a lot of practice. 

How Does Modern Dance Benefit Dancers Today?

Modern dance, a dance form that was recognized in the early 20s, is a form of rebellion against numerous traditional dance styles like ballet and many more.

Ready To Kick Off 6th Season Of Dance?

We are the Echevarria family and the owners of Virtuous Dance Center, a local family owned and operated business in Fredericksburg & King George.

Virtuous Dance Center: Join The Band Of Winners

Dance is a language with grammar of its own and whenever one learns a new language, one also needs to learn the nuances and the art of expression.

How can I Learn Dance at Home Online?

Dance is a skill on one hand dancing enables your creative soul, it make you fit and healthier on the...

What Are The 5 Basic Elements Of Hip Hop?

Hip hop is a dance fusion that involves moves from different dance forms as popping....