Children’s Dance Classes – Top Five Dance Classes to Keep Your Kids Moving

Children’s Dance Classes – Top Five Dance Classes to Keep Your Kids Moving

In a world filled with smartphones, streaming television, and anywhere-you-want-it Internet access, keeping children active and healthy can sometimes seem like a challenge. Many of today’s popular activities involve a child parking themselves in front of a television or computer for hours. With obesity rates rising to an all-time high, parents are looking for ways to keep their children active.

Dance offers many different fun ways for kids to get moving, and with so many types of dance, there truly is something for everyone. Our Virtuous Dance Center team highlights five of the top dance classes that will give your child a fun form of activity, and give you the peace of mind that you are signing them up for something that will keep them healthy and happy.

  1. Hip-Hop: Many kids, especially preteens and teens, enjoy hip-hop for its modern take on the dance world. They can enjoy this social, personality-packed form of dance, often dancing along to their favorite popular songs. This category of dance includes breakdancing, “popping and locking,” and many other exciting types.
  2. Ballet: Ballet has seen a resurgence of popularity; even in the adult world fitness classes featuring the ballet barrel have become a new hot thing. This type of dance encourages excellent muscle health, and also builds a healthy sense of discipline.
  3. Tap Dancing: Anyone that has children can tell you they enjoy anything that makes a fun sound, and tap dancing incorporates the quirky tapping sound with quick, dynamic moves. Your child will have a blast clacking along to the beat, and get a good workout in without even realizing it.
  4. Hula Hoop: Everyone at some point in their childhood probably used a hula hoop. This type of class provides you with the challenge of dancing with a hula hoop. It’s a great option for improving your rhythm, dance abilities, and it’s also a great workout!
  5. Jazz: For your child with the giant personality, jazz will do the trick. The exaggerated movements and snappy footwork are excellent for building physical fitness and make performing a blast. Jazz combines a wide variety of dance styles and techniques, so it can be an excellent starting point for your beginning dancer.

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