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Hip-Hop Dance is easy to dismiss as the latest craze dance form, yet it dates back to the 1960s and is still popular today, proving that it is not a passing trend. Kids dancing and jamming to the latest hip hop music is becoming a popular dance culture if it hasn’t already. At the Virtual Dance Center, we teach and educate kids about the most exciting, fashionable, and ‘hip’ aspects of the hip hop dance form.

The session begins with a complete warm-up before focusing on developing the core muscles required for body control and good technique. Later in class, we will teach the most recent funk and hip-hop techniques, followed by a lot of choreography to help the kids enhance their expressive talents. It’s strenuous labor, and your youngster will get a solid exercise as a result.

Hip Hop is a high-energy dance form that incorporates current music and popular dance techniques. Hip-hop differs from other kinds of dance because it is frequently “freestyle” (improvisational), and hip-hop dance groups sometimes compete in freestyle dance competitions, dubbed “battles” by the public.

Hip-hop dance classes can be enjoyed as a pastime or as a form of entertainment. It may also be a method to keep active in competitive dance and make a career as a professional dancer. Students will learn steps such as popping, locking, up rocks, gliding, waves, baby freezes, and coffee grinders during our Hip Hop dance class.

During our group dancing lessons, the studio’s amazing staff of highly trained, skilled, and award-winning teachers will assist your kid polish her or his movements in a pleasant, healthy setting. What’s more? You can enroll in a range of programs, including competitive street dancing for kids and adolescents, hip hop dance squads, or recreational hip hop and breakdance for kids and teens.

You will have a choice of sessions available each week for the same. We offer a variety of excellent hip hop and breakdance instructors to choose from, each with their own unique approach. Children’s classes are divided into age groups, ranging from 3 to 17. While infants’ lessons offer more of a broad introduction to dancing, school-aged children, pre-teens, and teenagers can focus on a specific specialty, such as hip hop, breakdance, locking, popping, acrobatics, and so on, depending on their interests.

The Virtual Dance Center is well-known for its enjoyable and simple-to-learn environment. Because we have personnel that know how to create an engaging learning environment, kids like what we do. We also enjoy doing dancing games with the youngsters so that they may have fun while learning new movements.

Expect your child to begin dancing everywhere – at school, the grocery store, and at home – since dancing is both addicting and beneficial to their developing bodies and minds. Everyone knows that today’s youngsters could use a bit extra exercise at every given opportunity! Dancing is an excellent cardio exercise that will keep kids moving while also improving their agility and coordination.

Learning to dance is a low-pressure physical exercise that can assist them in developing self- confidence, which will help them deal successfully in the real world as adults. Hip hop dance is a social activity, and your child will learn the fundamentals of social etiquette while having fun making new friends.

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