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Interested in finding a jazz dance class near you?

At Virtuous Dance Center, you can experience a jazz class like no other! Jazz isn’t just a simple type of dance. It combines techniques and styles from hip-hop, ballet, Broadway and modern dance to create a beautifully unique and captivating style.

Dancers who choose to pursue jazz learn to combine balance, rhythm, strength, and agility into fluid movements that flow with the music. Jazz has a smooth, fluid style that encourages creativity and imagination. If you’re looking for a jazz class near your home, let Virtuous Dance Center show you how it’s done!

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Recreational (Ages 6+): Lets get the energy going! High kicks, fast turns, fun jumps. Start your jazz experience in this class. Learn how to jazz walk and be sassy while having the most fun. (Recital Fee)
Jazz 1 (Ages 6+): Before jumping into this class please see Recreational Jazz. Have some experience in Jazz? Well, here’s your class! (Recital Fee)
Jazz 2 (Ages 8+): This class is for dancers who have completed Jazz 1 and have been evaluated. (Recital Fee) ADVANCE CLASS

Jazz 3 (Ages 10+): This class is for dancers who have completed Jazz 2 and have been evaluated. (Recital Fee) ADVANCE CLASS
Leaps, Turns and Conditioning (Ages 10+): This face-paced class is a one stop shop for all thins dance. In this class you’ll be pushed physically while learning different leaps, jumps and turns. You must be in or have completed Jazz 2. (Recital Fee) ADVANCE CLASS

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