At the Virtuous Dance Center, we have designed a Tap dance program for kids which will help them channelize their energy in a productive way. Kids from the age of 6 to 12 generally tend to move around a lot. They are hyperactive and are always filled with energy and what’s a better way to channelize energy than dance?

Virtuous Dance Center offers tap dance classes for kids alongside numerous other dance forms. We provide them with a space to showcase their agility and enhance their dancing skills.

Tap dance differs from other dance forms in a multitude of ways. If your child is a rhythm maker who loves to groove to music, you should consider our tap dance classes. What’s more? You don’t necessarily need to be an expert with tap dance. We will start from the basics and gradually increase its intensity over time. We have our classes sectioned based on the intensity level and age group just for your convenience.

At Virtuous Dance Center, we prioritize your child’s happiness, enjoyment and physique. This is primarily why we have different tap dance sessions for children who are learning to tap dance for the very first time and for those kids who are looking to improve their tap dancing skills.

We have MULTIPLE TAP classes for kids from the age of 3-5 and 6 to 99. Our Tiny Toes Tap 1 class is for 3 to 5 year olds who are going to tap dance for the very first time. Our instructors have designed a beginner-friendly tap dance regime that will help boost your kids metabolism and give their leg muscles a good exercise. If your kid already tap dances. 8 to 9 year olds can discover their rhythms and tap dance to the music with their own creativity. We provide children with a space to express themselves freely through different dance forms.

Similarly, we organize tap dance classes for kids who are 6 and up. You could be a beginner or an expert for the same, we have different tap dance classes to meet their intensity and expertise levels. Beginners can find their way through this cultural dance form while experts can enhance their skills and learn to tap dance like professionals.

We organize two different advance classes and two beginner tap dance classes for kids accordingly. At Virtuous Dance Center, we ensure to educate the kids properly about their particular dance form as well, enabling them to develop and pursue a natural liking for the dance they are learning.

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