Everything you need to know before your First Ballet Class

Ballet dance is a very peculiar and unique kind of dance form, which not many people keep up to. It requires your undivided attention. You will need to go through several tiring practice sessions before you master this art.

It is more like meditation, in which you need regular practice following a thumb rule of – not giving up. It is segregated in several sections, which include different types of variations, flexible moves, and flawless steps.

Performing ballet dance needs a lot of focus and strength. Once mastered correctly, it will be the best decision of your life. Learning this dance form needs different levels of coordination which you don’t usually see in your everyday life.

It will need extra efforts and extensive self training for weeks and months. The learning process is going to be long. So, don’t lose your heart, and always believe in that amazing fire that defines you.

As a beginner, you will need to understand many new things – including some unique warm-up exercises and activities – before your very first ballet dance class:

Port de bra: Officially, it means ‘movement of the arms’. It is considered to be a general warm-up exercise that involves your whole body. The main motive of this exercise is to focus on finding the balance of your body.

Center practice: This part of the session will be the most rewarding one. It will involve learning how to transfer your body weight and link steps with potential pirouettes. Be ready to map the entire studio as well during the center practice.

Adagio: This is a slower but comparatively harder exercise. It needs a huge amount of focus on your strength and control. Adagio involves lifting your legs off the ground coupled with a beautiful landing.

Your core strength and balance will make it graceful and of fluid quality. It is easy to be in flow. But controlling your body at the same time to make it look beautiful is what you are going to learn to adopt with this level.

Petit Allegro: This stage entails small jumps focusing on elevation and faster footwork. It is also best defined as the Petit Allegro stage.

Grand Allegro: This detailed level includes bigger jumps and all the other typically advanced moves and steps for you to learn. Though it’s an advanced level of ballet dance, it gives you a huge climb with regular practice and inner strength.

Ballet uses different muscles altogether. You may get it wrong sometimes, but with practice and hard work, you can improve and make it flawless.

Each ballet session will be unique for you and your experience will be different at every stage. It is strongly recommended that your class includes students from higher standards as well, so you can learn from them.

With all these turns and moves, you, definitely, will feel very hot and sweaty. People are surprised how hard ballet dance can be when you just have to do some fluid movements.

It is equal to a high intensity workout. There will be several awkward moments of embarrassment. But all of it will be worth as you progress!

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