How can I Learn Dance at Home Online?

Dance is a skill  on one hand dancing enables your creative soul,
it make you fit and healthier on the other.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement if we call dance a multi-purpose art or skill. For some, dancing is a language that helps you express your emotions without any word.

If you are willing to learn dance, there is no better time than this. As we are all affected by and staying home because of the pandemic, you can make the most of this time to learn dance at home online. When the COVID outbreak is over, people will see a completely new version of you – that is fitter, full of confidence, and blessed with a soulful skill called dance.

Because of the Internet, you have access to innumerable options to learn a dance form of your choice. The way live classes are delivered these days has made online dance classes easier than ever. You don’t have to attend any dance class personally. You just have to watch explanatory videos, learn the basics, and practice, practice, and practice – to master the dance form.

Here are a few useful tips to help you get started –

Decide the Form of Dance You Want to Learn –

Acro, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Classical, or Ball – you will need to decide which dance style you
want to learn. There are hundreds of dance forms to choose from.
You will need to decide at least one form to begin with. One simple way for that is to think of the
genre of music you enjoy most. The ideal dance form for you would be the one that matches with or is performed on the music you listen to.

For example, acrobatic or acro dance is typically a mix of jazz, ballet, and hip hop. So, you want to take up acro dance classes, make sure you have a taste in these music forms to stay motivated and interested throughout.

Do the Preps –

Since you are going to start your jazz dance class or lessons on any other dance form, you will need to prepare a comfortable space at your home.

Choose an area where you can put your laptop or smart phone and follow the moves taught in the class. Meaning, there should be plenty of space for you to move freely as you perform.

Start Learning –

When you are learning dance online, you don’t just have to learn the steps. You have to learn the basics as well as the detailed techniques of the dance form.
Doing so will help you master it like a maestro does with his/her well-aligned body. If you focus on the tutorials you will be able to achieve a strong and engaged core and perform complete movements with accuracy.

“Practice makes a man perfect.” Once your online dance classes are over, you will need to keep yourself focused on improving your skills and moves. For this, you can watch YouTube to learn how your favorite performer does that.

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