Learn Basic Steps Of Ballet And Jazz Dance

Ballet dance is a very unique form of dance that has the power to express strong emotions. A perfect ballet dance performance can be magical, exciting and can leave a huge impact on the audience.

Ballet traces its origin to the Italian renaissance. The dance style was developed as a court entertainment. During 15 th and 16 th century, the technique became more evolved mainly in France and Russia. Not all the ballet forms are same.

There are three ballet dance forms known as: Classical, Neo Classical and Contemporary. Graceful steps and flowy body moves add panache to it.

If you choose to learn this dance form through online classes, then you should be ready for a longer and tougher and the most rewarding journey of excellence of virtue in your life.

At the beginning of your lesson, you will learn the basic five steps – that will give you the first lesson of ballet dance. These steps are:

  • First position
  • Second position
  • Third position
  • Fourth position
  • Fifth position

First Position:

This beginner pose is crucial and the very first thing you will learn about this dance style. In the first position, your feet should be turned out only as far as you are comfortable with.

Toes should be facing diagonal direction and heels should not touch. In this position, your complete feet (from sole to toe) should be in floor’s touch. Here, the main focus should be the balance and your feet should not be rolling out. And your arms should be at rough distance from your body.

Second Position:

From the first position, slide your foot away from the other. Space between your feet should be one and a half feet.

In this position as well, your feet should be turned out. Simply raise your arms in front of you upto the shoulder height and extend them. Your arms should be open wide and relaxed as well.

Third Position:

In the third position, slide the back of your foot to touch your other foot. The heel of your front foot should be in touch with your back foot’s mid part. As most of the dances start with this position, you may have to get hold of it. Once you master this move, consider this as your first milestone of success. The space and distance between legs should be rough as well. You just have to ensure that you can stand properly and confidently.

Fourth Position:

From the third position, slide your front foot directly out in front of you. Distance between your feet should be equal to a foot’s length. One arm will be in raised position and the other extended at the shoulder’s height.

Fifth Position:

For the fifth position, slide your foot backwards directly. Both your feet should touch each other roughly. One foot’s toe should touch other foot’s heel.

Both the arms should also be in raised position. Make sure your arms are raised and not your shoulders. Perfecting this posture is going to take you a while, but it will be the best exercise for a good and balanced start.

Most of our online ballet dance classes for beginners entail all of the aforementioned steps, giving you an introduction with flexibility, balance, and graceful postures of ballet. Apart from ballet, we have various dance forms to train like classical, contemporary, and Bollywood dance classes. Online jazz dance classes are also available.

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