Claryssa Griffin

Dance Instructors

Claryssa Griffin started dancing at age four and began competing at the age of six. She attended Arabesque Dance studio and B-Funk Dance studio, where she took classes in #ballet, #tap, #jazz, #lyrical, #modern, #pointe, #hiphop and #musicaltheater. In her early educational stages, she became a student teacher at age 11 and started teaching her own classes at age 15. Claryssa took several master classes with Monsters Dance focused on hip hop and masters classes in New York City as well. In high school she joined the Senior Dance company and became captain of the cheer team 4 years in a row. Claryssa performed in half time shows for basketball and football games. She even dance at a half time #Superbowl. As part of her professional dancing career she danced and worked at #UniversalStudios and #SixFlags performing and choreographing multiple shows. Claryssa has been coaching competitive dance for almost 15 years. Winning several top awards, judges awards, overall awards. She currently teaches ballet, jazz, lyrical, modern, contemporary, hip hop, pointe, acro, gymnastics, creative movement and improve. 

Claryssa Grifffin – Virtuous Dance Center

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