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Karime Echevarria

Artistic Director


Phone: 540-370-8719

Karime Echevarria is an alumni of the Compania de Danza Floklorica de la Universidad De Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (UACJ),- Ballet Folkloric Company of the city of Juarez, Mexico) and co-owner, and Artistic Director of Virtuous Dance Center. Karime has a Master Degree in Business Administration and Bachelors In Business, Economics and Spanish. Karime started dancing and performing at the age 5 for the Compania de Danza Floklorica de la UACJ under the direction the Dr. Fernando Soto and the professor Victor Soria until she moved out of the country. When she moved to the United States she continue to dance recreationally to keep with her passion for dance. During 2006 she started an adult dance company in Washington, DC that performed during national heritage month, and continue to sporadically teach workshops during hispanic heritage month.

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