Virtuous Dance Center End of the year dance showcase 2023

Virtuous Dance Center is proud to present a yearly recital. Our recital allows all students to be able to showcase their new skills they have learned in classes throughout the year. 

2022-2023 Recital Dates and Fees

Dress Rehearsal: June 3rd 2023 (times will vary). Where: Jean C. Smith Amphitheater in Locust Shade Park in Quantico (4701 Locust Shade Dr. Triangle, VA 22172)
*Mandatory for all students participating in recital. Tech sheets with students assigned times for the above date will be distributed in class by the end of March. Report Times & schedule will be disseminated as we get closer.

Recital Date: June 4th 2023 – 6:00pm -Where: Jean C. Smith Amphitheater in Locust Shade Park in Quantico (4701 Locust Shade Dr. Triangle, VA 22172). Report time for students will be disseminated as we get closer.

Tickets will be available online and or at the front desk starting February 15, 2023.


$99 per student / $75 Tiny’s(Ages 3-5)-due by February 15, 2023
Virtuous realizes that costume fees can add up very quickly for students enrolled in multiple classes. We recognize that hundreds of dollars go into costumes that are only worn a few times. Because of this, our studio has made the decision to have 1 standard costume for all classes for each recital. We then purchase additional accessories for classes based off of the teacher’s wishes. The costume fees include the costume and accessories for the initial class. There is a limit of $25 for extra accessories per extra class. If you would like any additional costumes pieces, you must communicate to our front desk NLT March 15, 2023. As a reminder the costumes fees DOES NOT include tights, shoes, black leotards, or black spandex shorts that MIGHT be needed each year.

RECITAL FEES: Due by March 15, 2023
1st sibling: $109 (includes 2 tickets)
2nd sibling: $79 (includes 2 additional tickets)
3rd sibling: $49 (includes 2 additional tickets)

Ticket Packages
Each recital fee includes 2 tickets for families. If additional tickets are needed for additional guests, they can be purchased beforehand at our online store or at our front desk. Prices are listed below.

$15 for single ticket (Ages 3 & up)-(0-2 y/o Free)
$50 for 5 tickets

Recital T-Shirts:
VDC family is excited to announce the official T-shirt for our 2023 Recital, “Over The Rainbow” on June 4, 2023. T-Shirts are available in different colors and sizes! Place your order online before its too late! Click below link or in the image for more information and ordering. If you want your shirt personalized with your dancer name, once your receive the shirt, bring it to our front desk. (extra fees apply).


Recital Video:
Here at Virtuous, we want our students to be able to have a special keepsake of dances they have performed at their recital. We offer all students the opportunity to have a special recording of our show for a nominal donation. Donations can be made starting May 19th at our front desk and will end June 10th. Video will be sent out as a link with email that is given at donation by June 19th 2023.
***Please note that this is not a professional recording.