Top 10 Benefits Of Joining A Competitive Dance Team in 2021

Dancing, to some, it’s a rhythmic movement, while to others, it’s a well-coordinated art form that requires a lot of practice. There are numerous dancers who love to dance passionately and are seeking a team that shares their passion for competitive dancing. In case you are on the lookout for a similar team that aligns with your goals, you’ve come to the right place. 

Renowned as one of the best dance studios in Fredericksburg, the Virtuous Dance Center should be amongst your top preference if you are looking for wild-spirited like-minded companions. The Virtuous Dance Center guarantees topnotch dance instructions in various dance styles, including jazz, contemporary, and hip-hop, from qualified instructors. 

Why should you join a competitive dance team? 

A competitive dance team consists of a group of dancers who rehearse together and compete as a team. Competitive dances expose you to various dance styles while also developing physical and mental strength and other qualities. Keeping this in mind, let’s shed some light on some of the benefits dancers receive on joining a competitive dance team. 

You will gain confidence

Every year, dance teams are required to compete in a multitude of events and competitions. You will require tons of practice if you are participating in these competitions. Such competitions and events provide dancers with a platform to develop their confidence and expertise. 

Moreover, you will upskill your dance forms as a result of constant rehearsals and regular on-stage dance performances. If you have performance anxiety, competitive dancing will help you believe in yourself. 

Enhance your teamwork skills 

Usually, competitive dancing is done in teams. In a competition, every team member’s performance is taken into account. If a team wants to triumph, the team members have to get along with each other, and all must be skilled dancers. Also, for the sake of coordination, teams have to practice multiple times so that each member is familiar with the dance routine. 

At the Virtuous Dance Center, competitive dance teams enable dancers to learn a lot from their team members while honing their coordination skills simultaneously.  

Competitive dance teams inspire dancers 

A dancer’s goal isn’t merely practicing dance routines but also involves a lot of learning and observation. Competitive dance teams are to compete on a regular basis. Since competitions have numerous talented teams participating to compete, there’s a lot to learn from several experienced dancers. 

By being observant towards others’ performances, dancers can learn more and build healthy rivalries that keep them inspired. 

Develop resilience through numerous competitions 

No matter how many hours you have practiced or how naturally talented you are, there are times where your opponents deliver unique or better performances and win the competition—losing hurts. It hurts even more if you have dedicated yourself for the sake of victory. However, losing a competition does not make you a loser, nor does winning one make you a winner. 

The actual winner is someone who knows that there is always someone better than them and learns from their experiences. As a result, dancers develop resilience through competing in numerous competitions. 

Learn dance styles quickly

A competitive dancing team is typically made up of both rookie and expert dancers. So, every dancer must master dance routines swiftly in order to sync with the more experienced ones. To get a hold of these dance moves instantly, every dancer needs to learn new choreographies and execute new dance steps as well.  Therefore, in an attempt to keep up with your team members, you will consistently work towards enhancing your movements and skillset b 

Competitive dance teams get exposure to industry insiders 

The competition date has arrived. After hundreds of rehearsal sessions, you and your team eventually give your best performance, and you receive a standing ovation from the audience. Is there a better sensation than this? And, to add to the joy, what if there is an industry insider in the audience? You and your team will receive industry recognition and other professional contacts that will benefit your future career. 

Improve through feedback

The purpose of competitions is to not only showcase your talents but also receive feedback from others to better your dance routine. Dance competition judges are usually well-known and experienced dancers. The role of the critic is to evaluate the artists and ensure that they are well-versed with what they are doing. 

The judges and the audience are intensely focused on each performance, and each of them will have an opinion. This way, teams will get constant feedback that will help them upskill themselves and better their choreography accordingly. 

Enhanced physical strength

Dancing is a physical activity. To turn this physical activity into art, one needs to put in a lot of practice time on their steps and flexibility. When it comes to dancing, flexibility is essential. Without adequate stretching, one risks injuring themselves, which is why dancers are advised to stretch before and after dancing. By fusing stretching and dancing, dancers are able to get more flexible and improve their performance and physical strength. 

 Improves mental health

Many people are unaware of the fact that dancing is therapeutic. Dancing increases your heart rate and also works your muscles. As a result, it alleviates anxiety and signs of depression. It boosts your self-esteem as well. Dancing with a competitive team will therefore, increase your happy hormones while also improving your mental wellness. 

Making friends and memories for life!

Another significant advantage of joining a competitive dance team is the opportunity to make new acquaintances. The team must get along with each other, and the steps must be synced for a mind-blowing performance. As a result of learning and practicing, you will become more acquainted with your team. Every competition will provide teams with an opportunity to create lifelong memories and capture the moment.  

Final Thoughts 

We have discussed numerous ways in which competitive dance teams benefit dancers by providing them with a platform to learn and grow. At the Virtuous Dance Center, we have several competitive teams that are actively taking part in a multitude of dance competitions and events. Besides providing dances with the proper training for numerous dance forms, we bring to you a platform where you can showcase your talent and dance choreography in front of an enormous audience. 

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