The Ultimate Experience & Benefits of Dancing Zumba

The Ultimate Experience & Benefits of Dancing Zumba

Zumba dancing is gaining in popularity thanks to the fun music, energetic moves, and sense of community classes can have. At Virtuous Dance Center, we want you to leave happy and energized.

Did you know that there are several excellent benefits you can get from Zumba dancing?

  1. Fun, but Full Body Workout

With Zumba, you’ll experience a full body workout that’s going to move your entire body and give you a great cardio workout.

  1. Big Calorie Burn

A study done back in 2012 discovered that on average students will burn a little over nine calories in just a minute and that throughout a 39-minute class will see about 369 calories burned altogether. Zumba is a way to help burn the fat away since it’s recommended that you burn approximately 300 calories when trying to lose weight.

  1. Endurance Improvement

Zumba is a fast-paced dance exercise program, and it can help to build up your endurance. After going through a fast-paced class, your body will increase your stamina for other tasks you handle.

  1. Coordination

As you continue to learn the dance moves that makeup Zumba, you’ll be working on your coordination. This increased coordination is excellent for all age levels as it helps you to be in better tune with your body, but it’s especially useful as adults start to age into their senior years.

  1. Improve Your Moods

There have been several studies that have found that exercise can help you to feel better because you’re releasing endorphins into your bloodstream. The fun factor built into Zumba naturally can help to make this a class you’ll always want to attend, so you’ll be happier and more likely to continue your workouts.

  1. Good for Blood Pressure

The cardio workout that you get with Zumba dancing will help to reduce your blood pressure. One study found that in just 12 weeks of taking classes, participants had lowered their blood pressure.

  1. Help with Pain

Another study done in Italy found that the women that participated in Zumba had a change in their pain tolerance for the better.

These are some excellent health benefits that should help to convince you that Zumba dancing is the right exercise for you. The best part is that it doesn’t matter what skill level you have in dancing when you get started. Are you ready to try out your first Zumba dancing class?

Contact us today at Virtuous Dance Center. We’d love to have you join our Zumba dancing community.

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