Understanding the Art of Ballet Dancing

Understanding the Art of Ballet Dancing

Simply put, ballet is a style of classical dance that has evolved over the last six centuries into one of the most beautiful and elegant forms of expression known to man. In its infancy, it was primarily used in royal courts as a source of entertainment reserved only for the wealthiest audiences. At Virtuous Dance Center, instructors take ballet dancing to new levels, offering students in the Fredericksburg, Virginia, area a chance to learn from the very best.

What Is Ballet?

As a formalized style of dance, ballet involves graceful, flowing movements that are designed to be both descriptive and rhythmic. A full ballet is a series of movements that are designed to tell a story that is set to music. As the dance has become more modern, various ballet styles have developed that are less structured and more expressive.

Ballet’s Enchanted History

The classical style of dance known as “balli” or “ballet” was developed during the 1400’s in Italy. In its early years, it was used to entertain reigning kings, queens, and dignitaries. From Italy, ballet then moved to France and continued to spread throughout Europe. Catherine de Medici was one of the first to embrace the new style of dance and encouraged its development and progression throughout the different countries.

The Evolution of Ballet Dancing

From what started as a regal form of dance performed only for the elite in society, ballet has evolved into a true art form. As its popularity grew throughout Europe, and the French gradually turned it into one of their most cherished art forms. From the props and stages in which a story is told to the dance moves that bring it to life, ballet is now one of the most popular and beloved forms of dance throughout the world.

Enjoy Dance & Ballet Today

Ballet requires both dedication, commitment, and strength. It teaches agility and grace, offering those who embrace it an opportunity to fine-tune both their bodies and their minds. It is used to both excite and soothe the emotions of those who perform, as well as those who observe. At the Virtuous Dance Center, our instructors and our students truly love what they do. If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about ballet, visit or contact our studio today!

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