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Dance is a language with grammar of its own and whenever one learns a new language, one also needs to learn the nuances and the art of expression. And, when dancers take to the stage, what we see is their interpretation of the art form. As instructors and appreciators of dance, it is always encouraging to see performers expressing themselves and being rewarded with positive feedback and recently, our dancers got a chance to witness the same in Orlando at Onstage New York.

Scoring Big At Onstage New York Talent Search Competition

A sister company to New York City Dance Alliance, Onstage New York is a talent search event that provides a supportive space for performers who want to showcase their talents and receive constructive feedback in return from a qualified panel of judges. Last week, our dancers participated in the Onstage New York Grand Finale and it was a proud moment for us to see them perform and score big. While the duo Jackelyn and Nyah took 2nd place as Juniors National level and Regional Title winners, our performers also bagged solo titles with Jackelyn becoming a recipient of the National NYCDA Scholarship, Nyah winning High Gold (solo), and Jaelyn, Emily and Lillian scoring Gold (solo) individually.

About Virtuous Dance Center

If you also want to experience the joy of dancing and share your talent with the world, come join our classes on 9th August in Fredericksburg, VA. Since our inception, Virtuous Dance Center has been focusing on inspiring our students to express themselves through dance. With the first-hand experience of pleasure and bliss that our instructors receive from dancing, we work together to help our students become virtuous dancers. And, we do not just settle for the best. We believe that anyone who has the passion and will to learn dance can aim for excellence, the reason why our classes are open to people from all ages and backgrounds and from all walks of life. Our instructors are well-versed with different types of dance forms including ballet, acro, musical theatre, hip hop, parent and me dance, modern, tap, Zumba, jazz, lyrical and others.

Classes For Toddlers

In case, you are wondering if our classes are for toddlers, the answer is yes. We offer special dance classes for young kids wherein our focus is on fun and teaching foundational skills. Kids who take up dancing at a young age experience a range of benefits such as gaining physical strength, learning discipline, building persistence, learning how to socialize, and expressing themselves through a creative outlet. As we open up an array of options in terms of dance forms to try, your child might discover a dance form that speaks to them. Or they might just develop a hobby that will help them destress from the hustle-bustle of their lives as they grow up. The best way to figure it out is by enrolling!

Dedicated Competition Teams

We also have dedicated competition teams wherein dancers get the opportunity to engage with other professionals in the field and gather feedback for improvement, but before you decide to participate in it, there are some things that both parent and dancer must consider. The entry to the competition team is decided solely through auditions. Dancers, age 6 and up, can audition directly but younger students can only participate with a specific invitation from the studio owner or competition instructor. In our auditions, we focus on dance techniques, knowledge of dance terminology, flexibility, musicality, performance quality, and properly executed leaps, jumps, and turns, or applicable techniques. The placement of selected students in dance teams is based on technique, age, ability, attitude, maturity, motivation, commitment and strength.

Our classes are starting from August 9th so if you are interested, reach out with your queries at or +1540-370-8719. Alternatively, you can check classes’ availability here and enrol. You can also fill out this form to select the best class that fits your needs.

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